What does the Devine RO purifier bring with itself?

  • It has got a tank capacity of 12 litres.
  • It purifies the TDS to approx 90-95%.
  • Installation is super easy. It can be mounted on the wall or either kept on the top of the table
  • It passes through 8 stages of purification such as RO, UV, Green bubbles, UF, TDS, etc.
  • It takes 24 watts and 2.5 Ampere of electricity.
  • The water temperature is min 5° Celsius to max 40° Celsius.
  • It is available at the best price at only 14500.

Disha RO brings you a budget-friendly RO purifier with numerous features which will provide customers with healthy and clean drinking water. We all need to eat nutritious food and consume clean water to stay fit and fine. Our Ro water purifier in Pune is a wonderful product, and we aim to deliver it to every customer’s house.

Concept of RO

  • RO is the abbreviation for Reverse osmosis.
  • Whenever the pure water passes through the pump, the pressure gets increased.
  • The total dissolved solids then get eliminated making the water clean enough for drinking, or cooking.
  • The hard water then gets converted into soft water, which is consumable.

Our RO water purifierDevine, uses technologies like UV technology UF technology, green bubble, and TDS controller.

What is UV?

  • Our RO UV water purifier Devine uses ultraviolet radiations for killing the microorganisms present in the water which are harmful to our health.
  • Water is passed through a tube and is exposed to the UV radiations.
  • UV radiations are very important for the filtration of soft water.

What is UF?

  • UF is the abbreviated word for Ultrafiltration which itself talks about heavy filtration.
  • It contains a hollow fiber membrane which is threaded.
  • It removes all the heavyweight materials or any suspended solids which can be hazardous to our customers.
  • This process can be done without electricity as well.

TDS controller:

  • The total dissolved solids can be controlled to set the hardness of water as per the customers want.
  • The ideal TDS for drinking is 75 ppm to 90ppm.

Buy our RO UV water purifier Devine in Pune and enjoy its benefits.

For more details, please don’t hesitate to contact Disha RO. We are available 24×7 to talk to you.


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