We at Disha RO perform 13 stages of purification using Elite water purifier.

  • The water is purified using reverse oxidation process, i.e. purification with RO and not only that the technology we are using is green bubble technology and alkaline.
  • Alkaline refers to the pH level of water, and it contains minerals in it which are good for health.
  • The purifier is suitable for wall mounting and tabletop. It can be placed in either of the ways. Its unbreakable body makes you tension free
  • No need to always refill it as its storage capacity is 9 liter and flow rate per hour is also 9 liters.

It is a proven fact that we can survive without food for three weeks whereas, without water, we can survive only 100 hours. To stay hydrated, we need to consume more water. But we cannot consume the water the way it is available to us as it may contain several bacteria.

We need to purify the water, and then we must intake it. There are many ways of purifying water. In olden days, people used to filter them using a net. The problem is we cannot be 100 percent sure that the water is purified. To resolve this issue, water purifiers came into existence.

Disha RO: The innovators of today!

RO water purification helps us to be sure about purity, and if the RO water is good for health or not. There are many water purifiers in the market, but our company – Disha RO gives you the best customer satisfaction when compared with the other companies that manufacture water purifiers.

RO is the only thing that remains the same for every water purifier, but the other technologies what we use are different from them and also the way we design our water purifiers varies.

We not only give the statements but we can prove it practically that our product is best in Kharghar when compared with other products that are currently existing in the market. Our work is to provide purified water, and we approach it in a different yet better manner. We ensure your safety, and that is where our success lies.


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