The specifications of Serene:

  • It has a large tank capacity of 12 liters, enough to store water for at least half day for a nuclear family.
  • It passes 13 stages of purification.
  • It purifies the water using RO, UV, UF, Alkaline, TDS, and Green bubbles technology.
  • It fills 10 to 12 liters of water per hour. Offers a fast flow of water.
  • It has an unbreakable membrane.
  • It uses 2.5 Ampere and 24 watts of electricity.
  • It costs just Rs. 16500 INR, an affordable price with lots of attributes.
  • It auto flushes in just 55 seconds. No need for manual flushing.
  • The purification of the TDS is 90 to 95%; therefore, it eliminates almost all the heavy solids.

Disha RO offers a variety of RO water plant with different attributes but with the same motto- “healthy habits, healthy life.”

The RO purifiers which we offer improves the taste of the water, apart from dissolving the impurities in it.

Serene is one of the variants of the Disha RO purifier. It is a wonderful and premium quality RO purifier which purifies the water by passing through various purification stages and provides complete germ-free water. So if you are looking for ro water good for health, then Serene is the one for you.

Why drink Serene RO water?

  • It helps in the digestion of food because it is pure and germ-free.
  • It eliminates all the micro heavy metals present in the water.
  • Because all the minerals are almost lost, the Serene RO purifier comes with a technology of re-mineralizing the water with pure germ-free minerals.
  • The taste of the RO UV water purifier is way better than the tap water as it filters out sulfur, lead, and nitrate.
  • Lead is a powerful contaminant, and only our ro water filter can eliminate it from the water.

Our ro water filter makes sure that there are no contaminated solids left in the water and the water is filtered properly. Our team does several tests before launching the products into the Pune & Mumbai market to avoid any type of mishap.

Bring your Serene home today and replace the old tap water. Stay healthy! Stay fit!


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