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DishaRO is the place where you want to be when it comes to RO water filters and purification in India.

Our establishment has been accepted in the RO water purifier servicing field for over half a decade now. Our mission in society is purity for surety, and we manufacture some of the most improvised and exemplary RO water purifiers. Providing uncontaminated and sterile water for every family is the central dictum behind our enterprise.

After a long history of surveys and intensive research, we have finally constructed purifiers that are user-friendly. Our purifiers in Pune consist of the most advanced techniques for the purification of water. Water purifier service in Navi Mumbai provides customers with a vast variety of water purifiers which our customers find suitable for their needs and requirements.

The vision and mission behind the establishment of our organization are to become the most favorite water purifier service provider in every home.

Our water purifiers are designed in a very accurate and precise manner which not only eliminate the impurities but also improves the taste of the water. Our products result in the water being completely free of germs which makes the water perfectly suitable for drinking purposes.

We, at Disha Enterprises, offer a large set of services including 7 main services such as new machine sale, on-call service, AMC, on-call complaint solution, machine installation, exchange offers, and financial offers. These services help in assisting our customers in identifying where the problem lies and also reassuring that our products solve the problem.

New Machine Sale

On Call Complaint

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On Call Services

Exchange Offers

Franchise Offers

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