Annual Maintenance Contract

Understanding what annual Maintenance Contract actually is?

It is a simple contract between two parties in which one party provides services for a specific requirement which the second party is in need of. This can be done for machines in businesses or for home appliances a person buys from companies. This usually means that the person who is using the product promises to use the product for a specific period of time.

The period depends on what both the parties are comfortable with. Usually, the contract which is made between the buyer and seller or the two parties, as mentioned before, for one year, is known as an annual maintenance contract.

Advantages of signing an Annual Maintenance Contract

We at DishaRO provide an annual maintenance contract to our customers who buy RO water purifiers from us. This service is usually provided to big corporations, which our company also looks to offer to its loyal customers.

With our annual maintenance contract or AMC, we provide the buyers of our purifiers with a free checkup of their RO machine and RO water. We give the best services possible in our AMC. There are visits planned for a complete year, and our executive comes to your home and checks your purifier without you having to call us.

Our company even provides you with customized AMC plans as per your need and will to spend money. Services can be expensive, especially when a part of the RO water purifier does not function in an adequate manner. But with our annual maintenance contract, you can cover these accidental and unforeseen damages beforehand and do not have to worry about it later.

Availing or signing up for an AMC can prove to be very beneficial for our customers. It is so often noticed that the customers tend to forget the date of scheduled service and do not call an executive for it. Sometimes, it seems a lot of work to book for an appointment and wait.

We at DishaRO understand our customers, and these are the problems we have tried to remove with this new initiative. You can customize your AMC plan and decide when the executive should visit for the regular checkup of your purifier.

Signing an AMC reduces the cost you as a customer has to spend on buying new parts for the RO. In order to keep getting healthy and fresh RO water, it is essential to change the filters every 6 months. But this can be very expensive as the parts are not very cheap.

Considering all the cost factors, we have tried to integrate everything in our contract. It covers for accidental damages in some cases as well as even covers the emergency visits in Mumbai and Thane of the executives required during a sudden failure of any part of the purifier.

We recommend all our existing and new customers to avail of this fantastic service, and we promise you, that you would not be disappointed.