Machine Installation

At DishaRO, we provide the best service in RO water purifier installation. We as a company want our customers to be happy with our services. That is our motto. We at DishaRO have a team of experts who are led by our managers. After the purchase of the RO water purifier you must not worry about the installation process. We have it all covered with our skill and expertise. We cater to your needs in any situation and anytime.

The process of machine installation is in such a way that it will not bother you in any case and is done in an efficient way.


First, when you purchase a product for RO water and your health, we ensure that you get the right one. We also have a team which will detect the water quality in your locality which helps you get the right RO.

After the purchase we get notified about you and will instantly call you for further process. We have experts for this procedure who excel in installation of such machines.

Then we send the expert to install the machine to your desired location. The expert will do the same and will report us with its setup.

We know the importance of your feedback, so we will call you to record your feedback or any query.

Your machine is now setup and ready to use. The expert will tell you about the working operations and procedure of the RO water purifier.

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Our job is not finished at that point as in the case of maintenance, we are also there for you at all times. To make our services best we have trained our experts in such a way that they are able to install any type of RO machine from any brand. We cater to this need also, if you are using any other RO feel free to call us. It does not matter the type of machine you are using, we care only about your problem, and we will solve it at any cost. This is what makes us the best RO water filter experts in the country.

You can call us anytime for installation of a machine on the contact numbers which are displayed on the website, receipts or on products label. We will get the job done efficiently and effectively. We at DishaRO have a team to agents which listen to your problem with ease. Then your message is forwarded to different departments according to your need. The upper management will classify the problem about the installation or repair. The experts will be sent to your location to install or repair the machine.

After the repairing or installation, we ask you about our service and hence record it for further use. The services which we provide regardless of the model you are using is what makes us best in Mumbai.