On Call Complaint

From the purchase of an excellent RO water purifier to its installment, we as a company take care of our customers at every step of the way. When you encounter a problem, we are there to solve it in any situation at any time. We know the importance of your feedback; that is why we have a separate department at DishaRO to solve your problem without any delay.

We assure you that customer satisfaction is our top priority. To handle this, we have a 24×7 working team which invests its full time towards the complaints of our customers and finding ways to solve it. Our products are tested on every parameter hence reducing the glitches in the best RO water purifier. Anyway if you face any problem with the products feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you at any cost.

How does it work?

Whenever you encounter any problem with the products, you can first give us a call on the complaint numbers which are displayed on the Products, Receipts or Website. Then an agent will hear your problem with calmness and register your problem. The agent will forward the message to the upper management. An expert will be allotted to solve your problem according to your need.

The expert will go to your location and will fix it without any charge if the product is in its warranty period. You need not worry as we are there for you even the warranty period is over for the model. Ro Water Purifier Installation In Pune & Mumbai charge a nominal amount in that case. The focus is to solve your problem and assure customers. Then an agent will call you to inquire about the solution to your problem and about the performance of the expert. Your feedback will be recorded for later use. This is how we work day and night in Mumbai to listen, process and execute the problem in a guaranteed time of only 24 hours making us the best in the RO UV water purifier industry.

Solutions to some basic problems

Why the water from the RO water purifier tastes different?

As probably you have been using the purifier for the first time you might encounter a change in taste of the water because of the unwanted minerals which are now removed. You will adapt the taste soon, don’t worry about it.

How to set up the RO in a different place?

We provide a full manual guide to the customer which consists of every aspect of the setup of the product. We have a team of experts which will escort the procedure very carefully with the setup. The expert will get to your house and reestablish the product as per your desire.

We at DishaRO try our best to meet your expectations. We will listen to your problem, process the information provided by the help of experts and then execute it efficiently as fast as we can to ensure that you rely on us forever.