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What if you could capture the rain before it falls to the ground? What if there was a way to once again purify water to its perfect "rain drop" clean and pure state, before it becomes polluted? Yes! it is possible with our DISHA ENTERPRISES products. It produces clean, purified, and refreshing water. It's the way nature intended it to be - PURE and FRESH as newly formed rain droplets.

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Disha Enterprises
ALKALINE & MINERAL water is the healthiest water you can drink!

Pure drinking water is essential to our health. You wouldn't put dirty oil into your car. With your body consisting of 70% water, shouldn't you put only the purest water into it? This process produces the best quality water for transporting nutrients and for eliminating wastes from the body. You can help the cells in your body do their job to maximum efficiency by drinking the purest water possible.


. There are some lower priced, similar looking units in the marketplace. Some are bargain based or overstocked models that are outdated. Other models, for some or other reason, do not meet Disha Enterprises high quality standards.

Disha Enterprises

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"Pure and healthy water is essential for sustaining life, promoting overall well-being, and preventing waterborne illnesses. Its quality is paramount for hydration and supporting the optimal functioning of the human body."

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    Alkaline & Mineral water is the purest drinking water

    Disha Enterprises products gives you the PUREST form of water. People are under the false impression that their tap water, and water produced by home filtration systems is "pure". Isnt it?.Tap water is loaded with many types of suspended pollutants, chemicals, toxins and other contaminants. Home filtered water is not pure either. Many microscopic contaminants make it through the filtering process to end up in the water you drink, and filters become clogged and neglected and can turn into breeding grounds for bacteria. If this happens, such water can actually become more contaminated than the source water!

  • Why is Disha Enterprises Alkaline & Mineral water so important?

    The human body is comprised of approximately 70% water, (H2O). When we drink impure water, the body acts as a filter, trapping the inorganic minerals and other impurities that are suspended in the water. The build up of harmful substances in the body can cause great harm including disease and premature death.

    It's impossible to know exactly what was in the water that you consumed over the years, and is now accumulating in your body. If you knew everything that was in the water before you drink it, you might get sick to your stomach. The good news is that you can now begin to REPLENISH YOUR BODY with the purest water possible, and begin enjoying the benefits right away. It's the one healthy thing you can do that will be completely enjoyable with no physical exercise or restricting dieting required. It's as easy as taking a drink of clean and refreshing water whenever you are thirsty.

  • Just what the Doctor ordered!

    How many times have you heard your doctor say "Drink plenty of water"? Now you can follow your doctor's orders to drink more water because you will want to drink more! Your desire to drink more water will increase due to the fresh clean taste water. You'll know that what you're drinking is healthy, and it tastes so good, you will naturally drink more without even trying.

    You will also use LESS SUGAR which is generally harmful to your health and your diet. It will be easier to lose weight and maintain a trim figure because the more healthy water your drink, the less sugared soft drinks you will desire. Also, many people stop adding sugar to their coffee and tea when they discover that it was only used to disguise the awful taste of the impure water they used to brew it with.

Disha Enterprises

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